Data is King. It powers our financial institutions. It helps us fight and win wars. It tells you what music you like and will buy. And if you ask eharmony.com, it might even help you find love.

But let’s face it, while data is king, it’s all about us. So why can’t we order up our data the way we can our Whoppers? Why do we have to settle for formats we don’t want just because that’s the only thing on the menu?

And let’s say we’re smart enough (or have enough funding to hire someone who is smart enough) to parce out the data we need from its source, why should we all have to do it, wasting precious time and money?

Why can’t we have it our way?

Enter 540.co and FedAPI. Check out what we’ve done with the DoD Justification Books, affectionately known as JBOOK’s. We’ve taken an extract of the public DoD Procurement (P-1) and RDTE (R-1) exhibits submitted by the DoD and made it available in multiple data formats for all users and analysts to use however you want it.

Whether you need to read, analyze, merge with other data sources or integrate into other applications, the choice is yours. And the best part: the data is extracted once, but can be used and reused an infinite number of times. Efficient and cost effective – just the way the DoD wants it.

This is an MVP – we’re looking for your feedback! Check it out – have your analysts and developers take a look. Show it to your CIO. Spread the word and then let us know how we can improve it, which formats work best for you, and what other formats or data sources you need.

And go ahead, have your data your way.